Stopping Stuttering Blocks

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School-Aged Children
Based on a comprehensive new approach that explains and resolves stuttering blocks by understanding and controlling the neurological, physiological, and psychological forces behind them.

If you are a person who stutters (stammers), do words sometimes feel like they contain "brick walls," even before you try to say them? Do you  force on initial consonants when trying to get out the words?  Do you sometimes choke on words that start with vowels?  Do your blocks often get stronger the harder you try to push through them?

Are you able to speak fluently some of the time, but find yourself blocking on words when speech is most important (e.g., introducing yourself, ordering in a restaurant, or talking on the phone or to groups or to authority figures)?

Are you generally fluent when you mouth words silently, when you whisper, and when you sing?

Have you tried various stuttering therapies and fluency-shaping techniques in an effort to stop stuttering, but found them to be unnatural-sounding, distracting, hard to maintain, and totally ineffective when you really need them?

Are you reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on stuttering therapy programs or electronic fluency devices that may not really be the "stuttering cure" you were hoping for?

If so, Valsalva Stuttering Therapy may provide the answers you are looking for.  It offers a new opportunity to enjoy easier, less effortful speech without drugs, electronic devices, or unnatural-sounding speaking techniques.

William D. Parry, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Therapist

I have personally known the agony of stuttering for much of my life.  After many therapies failed to help me stop blocking on words, I discovered a new approach that dramatically increased my fluency and enabled me to become a successful trial lawyer. 

Since 1985, I have been intensely involved in the stuttering self-help movement, leading support group meetings for people who stutter for more than 15 years, serving on the Board of Directors of the National Stuttering Association (U.S.), and presenting workshops at national and international conferences. To further my goal of helping those who stutter, I obtained a graduate degree in speech-language pathology and became a licensed and ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist. 

Valsalva Stuttering Therapy, in its current form, has been developed through actual clinical experience, experimentation, and practice-based evidence, involving the participation of more than 200 persons who stutter from all over the world.

I offer Valsalva Stuttering Therapy worldwide by video conferencing over the Internet (depending on your location and subject to applicable law).

Free consultations are offered to persons interested in therapy.

E-mail me at for further information.

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